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Tristen Grant

Shapes of the Lost, Forgotten and Crazy

Published December 29, 2005

While bored one day, walking down a random street in a random town
At any random time
You stop to watch the trash bags fly across the road

Roll on
and up again

As if knowing when the traffic will come
and eat it up, like any of our souls
Lost after years of hard labor

The forgotten will remember most of the world
The hardness it possesses and the downfall it holds
The crazies will keep score of it all, keeping tabs
on the people
The times
The whens
The hows
And the “what not to dos”
All written in code
It will be their little Secret

It takes very little to become mad
Just a day gone bad
After a year of it all
A tick, a mouse, a pay check stopped
Lost jobs
Anything can happen here

The world is free and full of wonder
Wonderful, isn’t it?