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Importing a Colour Palette in Affinity Designer

It can be tough to come up with the colours to use in a drawing. This is even harder when working with digital tools because your colour choices are limitless. You don’t have to worry about how many colours you can use and in some cases even what printing method is being used.

That being said, what if you’re following along with one of my tutorial videos? In this blog post I will explain how to import a swatch into Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo.

Once you have created your document and are ready to start working on adding your colours, select the Swatches tab, by default found on the right side of the Affinity programs, beside the Colour tab.

Image showing the Swatches tab in Affinity Designer. Image 1: The Swatches tab in Affinity Designer.

If you don’t see the Swatches tab you can enable it by going to View > Studio > Swatches. You will see a checkmark if it is already enabled.

Image showing the menu to enable the Swatches tab. Image 2: The menu to enable the Swatches tab.

Once you have enabled or selected the Swatches tab you can click the hamburger icon (the icon with the 4 lines on top of each other). A menu will appear which will show many options such as import, export, delete, rename and apperance options.

Image showing the menu hamburger icon. Image 3: Clicking the hamburger icon in the Swatches tab will lets you import your colours, delete and rename swatches and change the Swatch’s appearance.

From the menu, click “Import Palette”. A popup box will open allowing you to import the .afpalette file that you’ve downloaded from my Gumroad page. Keep in mind that Affinity Designer is only compatable with .afpalette files.

Image showing the import palette section in the menu. Image 4: Showing the import paleete section in the menu.

The import palette section gives you two options. As Application Palette, which will make the swatches available in all of your Affinity documents and As Document Palette, which will only be available in your current project.

Watch the YouTube tutorial on how to import a palette in Affinity Designer.

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