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Hello and Welcome

I want to introduce myself and explain what to expect on the blog. My name is Tristen Grant. I’m a Canadian illustrator and content creator. My current focus is illustrating Children’s books and selling digital goodies like wallpapers for your PC, phone & tablet and fun activity sheets & colouring pages.

Think of this blog as a catch-all. Anything that I’m working on or want to share will be archived here. I didn’t want everything on a social network that could disappear or have features removed. So expect some drawing process articles, thoughts on music and web development.

The plan is to keep the posts short and to the point. Maybe a few photos or videos but not a lot of fluff. So, welcome to my little place on the internet.

Instead of having a traditional newsletter...

I’ve opted to use my ko-fi page for this. Follow my page for small updates on what I’m working on. There you can also find free downloadable colouring pages. The page is always a work in progress, so check often for new things. Visit