Tristen Grant

About Me

Awkwardly writing in third person.

An image of Tristen Grant drawing on his Cintiq.

Who is Tristen Grant?

Tristen has been creating digital illustrations for magazines, advertising agencies, publishers and musicians since 2009.

He incorporates the use of smooth geometric shapes, straight lines and a limited colour palette. Always striving to keep things simple and offer his clients visually compelling yet easy to understand solutions.

Besides his freelance work, Tristen makes and sells limited edition prints on his Etsy shop and digital assets for designers on the Designer Toolbox Creative Market store. He can also be found live streaming his self-initiated projects and tool making on Twitch Creative.

Let's Work Together!

Want to hire Tristen or say hi? Send an email to, and he'll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also tweet @tristengrant if that's more your style.

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Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Dribbble, Behance.

Frquently Asked Questions

What software and hardware/tablet do you use?

Affinity Designer and a Wacom Cintiq Pro 16. I also use some markers, a mechanical pencil and sketchbook when coming up with ideas.

What kind of projects are you looking for?

Currently, I'm seeking freelance work in editorial, publishing and advertising illustration. I'm also interested in working on visuals for business blog articles and start-up websites.

Will you work for free or exposure?

No. As a professional illustrator and business, I cannot work for free. Like you, I have bills and expenses to pay. As much as I'd like to help you out, it's just not possible at this time.

What's your availability?

Open for new projects!

What is your art style called?

I guess you could call it flat-minimal. I like using clean geometric shapes, flat colours and no gradients.